Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I swear there is a God of Gross Stuff somewhere watching over me, making sure I catch life's most disgusting nuances. Take today for example.

I was walking home from the dentist (which is disturbing enough) when I came across two teenage boys in front of Taco Bell on Broadway in Long Beach. One kid had his left arm in a sling. The other was a tall chubby wannabe rapper with oversized shorts and t-shirt and his hat off to the side (Kids, why do you do this?)

I approach them and I swear I looked up at just the right time to catch the sideways hat-wearing puke on the street. It looked like even he didn't know it was coming. Like BAM! Puke.

His friend laughed (can't say I blame him) and the vomiter looked embarrassed, puzzled and pale. They kept walking and so did I.

Perhaps someone is trying to tell me I should carry a camera at all times and be a documentary filmmaker.

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