Saturday, June 21, 2008


It's too damn hot to get anything done. I'm not convinced that humans have anything to do with global warming (they might, I'm just not convinced of that yet), but I believe it's happening. No way was it this hot when I was a kid.

It's 12:42 on a Saturday afternoon. I'm sweating inside my freakin' apartment. Too hot for coffee (although I am on my second cup). The windows are open, but it's no use. The heat was me beat.

The cats aren't much happier. They are staying low to the ground and wishing for the day all their fur falls out. I don't blame them.

Ah, but the night is a different story. The best feeling in the world is taking a walk during a warm Southern California evening. Starting at around 6 p.m., the weather is absolutely perfect. I say I'm not all that into the sun and fun of SoCal, but I'm wrong. I don't like heat. 6 p.m. and everything is fine on into the night.

Played a round of golf at 6 and damn that felt good. I needed it. Long stressful day of looking for more writing gigs. That part of my life sucks. But there's nothing a round of golf can't cure. Flip flops, wifebeater, cold beers, no one on the green. That's living.

Went drinking with a bunch of people last night. I put on some shoes and socks thinking I'd be the only jackass without them. I was wrong. I was the only jackass with them. Sometimes it's nice to leave fashion at home and just go out comfortably. Cut-off Dickies, wifebeater, see-through cotton shirt (it's see-through because I've had it for years, worn it a million times but won't throw it away because it feels too good).

Sang some karaoke. Hadn't done that in a while. Bust A Move and the world premiere of MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This. It's amazing how a person's memory can revert back to the fifth grade after a few drinks in them. Yes, there were a few sloppy parts, but I'm going to nail that one sooner than later. Assuming I get the karaoke bug again, which probably won't happen. I used to be a ham, now I'm whatever the opposite of a ham is. I'd rather watch than participate.

I can't judge my performance, but I can say it must have been good because some old dude bought me a beer. A few minutes later, the bartender left the bar to come track me down. She told me I was good and offered to buy me a beer, which I later cashed in. Are there professional karaoke singers? If so, maybe that's something I should look in to.

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