Saturday, January 31, 2009

RICKY BERRY FOR LB CITY COUNCIL PART 2 has a story about this guy named Robert Garcia and his campaign for the First District's open city council position. The article begins with a detailed description of who has donated to Garcia's campaign and how much they've given. Later, Garcia responded by saying most of his contributions are from people giving $100 or less. Sure, dude.

When you've got the fire and police unions giving $2,500 each, you don't care about the little guy. If my math is correct (and it's usually not), $2,500 from one group equals 25 $100 donations. And with this money coming not from people but from city-backed groups, where do you think this guy's allegiance lies?

The story also mentions how "cigar/smoking/tobacco related businesses" have donated, some up to the maximum alloted $1,000 amount. Garcia disputes this claim, saying, "I recieved contributions from a few Cigar Lounge small business owners that I know, not smoking firms or companies." Well, one look at this list and you can see seven different people associated with smoking lounges donated money. Call it what you want, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out something's up when seven seemingly random business owners who just so happen to be in the SAME business give money to one candidate. That's a bullshit move, the kind the city can expect more of if this clown's elected.

Oh, and twice in his statement Garcia mentions he doesn't smoke. For a guy who doesn't smoke and never has, he sure has a lot of connections within the smoking community.

Later he writes, "However, if a responsible adult wants to smoke a cigar in a cigar lounge, that is their business and I support the current state law guiding that issue." For once, I agree. But does he feel the same when what those responsible adults are smoking ISN'T tobacco?

Everyone I know has nothing but terrible things to say about Long Beach city government. They drop the ball at every chance they get because they want to squeeze out this town's character in favor of glossy high rises and outdoor malls. If the people of Long Beach -- and more particularly, the people of the first and second districts -- were in charge, Acres of Books would still exist, the Pike would never have been built, CityPlace would have stores people actually want to shop at and the Vault would be a viable club. But no, we get shit on every chance the city gets. That's why I'm moving to Portland.

You want more of the same bad ideas, vote for Garcia. He's the guy who's backed by the same people responsible for all those terrible ideas. You want someone with a fresh perspective on things, a person who hasn't been running for political office for all of his adult life, vote for Rick Berry.

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