Thursday, January 8, 2009


I saw this band last night. They go by the name of Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss. Wheeler sings in Throw Rag and Schloss plays bass in the Circle Jerks. But they don't sound anything like those two.

It was at this incredibly awesome bar/venue called the Redwood Bar and Grill in Los Angeles. This wasn't some bullshit "we're in LA but it's really the Valley or the South Bay" shit. No, this was in Bunker Hill LA, the real deal. The bar's got this amazing nautical motif that whoever designed should be given credit for. It's really worth going to just to check out all the attention to detail.

Anyway, I saw this duo at the Buddyhead Xmas Party and the Hotel Cafe and they were by far the best thing there. I picked up their 5-song demo and it rules. I had to see them again.

Now that I know some songs, I was excited. They played all five, a few new ones and even one they claimed they wrote earlier that day. Each one was awesome. Schloss absolutely shreds the 12-string acoustic and Wheeler's got pipes that send chills down my spine.

They talked about "the people," and while that might sound like bullshit, these two are playing some real honest, no-thrills tunes, the kind not often heard these days. Imagine a soul/gospel singer over folk/country/bluegrass and that's what they sound like.

They are by far my new favorite band and I'll be seeing more of them. In fact, they're doing every Wednesday in January at this place. I went assuming I'd be the only person there. I was wrong. It was packed. You should go. Trust me.

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