Wednesday, March 4, 2009


To know me is to embrace my love of Hispanic women. And today, I overheard the hottest thing of, maybe, all time.

I was at a community college, just standing against a wall, presumably looking old. To my right was a short, cute Hispanic girl talking to a tall dude with lots of zits.

This other Hispanic girl -- decked out in her pseudo-punk look that probably came from the mall -- walked by and passed us without saying a word. The mall punk Hispanic got about ten steps away when the Hispanic girl to my right said to the guy, "that girl has a nice ass."

I was floored. I really, really, really wanted to say something, but whenever I'm on campus, at 29, I'm the old creepy guy. Saying anything to her wouldn't have been a good move on my part. So I stayed quiet, but deep down, I agreed.

Then mall punk walked back. The dude checked her out (which he probably already did but was smart enough not to admit to) and then the first Hispanic girl says, "see. She has a nice ass."

What was even hotter was, the mall punk DID have a nice ass.

There's a million things wrong with today's youth. Girls talking about other girls' nice asses out in the open is definitely not one of them.

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