Friday, September 26, 2008


Getting home from the bank today when I saw two dogs running down my block. Didn't recognize them, but still...

I tried to get one to come see me, but these two were running as fast as they could down the street. They came charging at me and I almost ran, but stopped. Running might not have been good.

They crossed the street, so I did too. Then my neighbor two doors down asked if they were my dogs. "Why the fuck would I be out here not calling them by their names if these were my dogs," I thought. She told me she would have helped, but she was too busy drinking a beer with her toddler and friend. Nevermind the guy trying to do a good thing. No, don't bother helping him. Just keep drinking your beer, which, by the way, was in some froo-froo glass. If you're at home, it's straight out the can or not at all.

Finally, Max, the larger one, came up to me. They were camped underneath a tree that I hoped was in front of their house. I petted his head while looking for an address on his tag. No dice. But there was a phone number. I didn't want to leave them, but I had to go get a cell phone.

I walked back to my car when a loud crash sent the two scared dogs racing down the street in the opposite direction. I ran to my car for my phone and chased after them, all the while wondering what the yuppie two doors down was thinking of me.

I turned the corner and they were gone. Like 100 percent missing. I hoofed down the street a little longer, but they were out of sight. Slowly I walked back home and looked over my shoulder every so often. I got to an intersection when I heard the clanging of dog collars. There they were, coming right at me.

Max got into a woman's front patio while the other got in the shade of a car. From her window, the woman yelled "scram" real loud. I told her they weren't my dogs and she came to her senses. She offered food, which calmed Max. We saw he was bleeding, but couldn't tell from where. He was happy and able to run, which were two good signs.

The woman brought water and Max drank it like a champ. This gave me the opportunity to get the phone number from his tag. I made the call. It went like this.

"Hi. Do you have two dogs?"
"Do you have two dogs?"
"Because they got out and I've got them."
"Max is bleeding, but he's ok. Your other dog is underneath a car."
"Where are you?"
"Corner of CENSORED and CENSORED."
"I'm right around the corner."
"OK. I'll be here."

A white car pulled around the corner. It wasn't the owner, but his neighbor. I have no idea how this guy knew what was happening. Maybe he saw the dogs. I don't know.

The owner came about a minute after I hung up. He got out and I asked if these were his dogs. Max's face lit up and he climbed on the guy. "I guess these are your dogs," I said. The guy looked like he saw a ghost. He stuck out his hand and thanked me and the woman. Then he grabbed them by their collars and threw them in his car before thanking us again and telling us he was taking them to the vet.

I'm the first to admit that I don't care all that much about people, but I'm also the first to pull over whenever I see dogs running loose. I was very bummed when I thought I lost them and even more excited when I got them and found the owner.

Life can be good sometimes.

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