Thursday, September 18, 2008


I walked into work, something I don't normally do on Fridays. They needed a sub and I needed the cash, so there I was. Open the door and there's a student about three feet away from me. He's got his back turned because he's talking to the young Mexican girl about something. Keep reading and you'll find out why you need to know she's Mexican.

I get closer and this wifebeater-wearing blonde kid, no more than 20 years old, scrawny little fucker who looked like he had just started lifting weights, has "White" tattooed down the side of his left bicep. My initial reaction is it's his last name. I look to his right. Down the side of the bicep is "Power."

Both were written in that really creepy old English style, the one that is reserved for white supremacists.

He turned around and we were face to face. We looked each other in the eye. For a second, I thought about confronting him, but didn't. We were but two ships in the night and he probably had no idea the venom coursing through my veins at that moment.

"Interesting student," I said to the Mexican girl.

"Yeah," she replied, totally unaware of what the hell I was talking about. I thought about telling her, but I decided not to. Let her think I was a weirdo; she didn't need to know why.

I took my seat and thought about what kind of an asshole this kid was. Not only was he such a racist douche that he tattooed that on his arms, this motherfucker walks around a college campus -- stereotypically known as the most liberal places on the planet -- with that shit hanging out for all to see. I work in a very racially diverse environment and prayed a group of Mexicans, blacks, Jews or Asians was a mere moment away from seeing what I saw and poudning the shit outta him. I don't make a habit of condoning violence and I'm all about free speech and free thoughts, but not when we're talking ignorance. I have zero tolerance for that shit. Sure, I don't want to be the one stomping this kid's head into the pavement, but I wouldn't break it up if I was walking by.

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