Friday, August 22, 2008


I keep hearing the word "elitist" get tossed around when blowhards start talking about John McCain and Barack Obama. Each side uses the term as a negative, a description no sound candidate would want to be associated with.

Before I begin my diatribe, let me remind you that anyone running for president is the furthest thing from a regular person, which makes them an elitist. The working man doesn't do politics because he's too busy busting his ass to cover his rent. The fact that these political machines want to fool the rest of us into thinking they aren't elitist is, ironically enough, a form of elitism. They act like we don't know, as if we don't see the smoke and mirrors.

Now that we've agreed that politicians are creeps with low-self esteem, let me make a larger point.

Who in the fuck doesn't want to be elite? You seen some of the scum on this planet? Pardon me and my elite ways of thinking, but my life be would a whole fuck of a lot better if my only concerns were fine art, fancy dining, dressing like a stud and five-hundred dollar dog collars.

OK, so maybe in the first time in this here blog's history, I'm going to admit that the above paragraph should be read with a large dose of sarcasm. Or should it?

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