Sunday, August 3, 2008


As some of you know, I am in Portland, Oregon. Have been since Thursday. I'll be here until Tuesday or Wednesday.

I know I have legions of devoted fans who want to know everything and I apologize for the lack of minute-by-minute updates. There was more downtime in Europe, which afforded me plenty of opportunities to blog on almost a daily basis. Not in Portland. Truth is I've been so busy going off that there hasn't been time for blogging. Can you imagine? No time for blogging?

I don't have nearly enough time to get into details, but let's say I love this city. I came here last year for the first time and said I wanted to move here. Now I am serious. Long Beach, I love ya, but it's time to move on.

In a nutshell...Lots of walking. Vegan food up the ying yang. Beautiful weather. Friendly people. No traffic. No sales tax. And an amazing group of people who let us crash with them for a few days. (If you are one of the four people who let us stay with you -- you rule.)

My stomach has never been happier. Vegan donuts. Vegan Philly cheesesteak. Vegan bbq chicken. Vegan fish sandwich. Vegan strawberry chocolate slice of cake. Soy milk everywhere. Vegan french toast. Vegan pancakes. Stumptown coffee. Two-dollar PBR. This is food heaven.

Taking lots of pics and will post those once I am at home, along with a more precise description of each day's events. Or something like that.

Oh, I almost forgot. Someone paid me real money to sell my zine at Powell's (the one on Hawthorn, not downtown). What's this about a zine, you ask? I have one and I think it rules. I've been leaving them for free, but Powell's actually bought them. I am a paid writer!

Yesterday we went all over town, including a store that sells nothing but zines. Amazing. I bought two. Next to this store is a freakin' zine library called the IPRC ( where, for free, people can check out zines. They had what appeared to be hundreds, if not thousands.

Portland is the most vegan and artist friendly city I've ever been to. And the best part is, I'm both of those. I can't get up here soon enough.

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