Friday, August 8, 2008


Sooner than later I will call Portland home. Until then, here are some pics from my recent trip to the great Pacific Northwest.

Before hitting Portland, I stopped in Sacramento for all of twenty minutes. I've lived in California my entire life and had never visited, so I figured what the hell. I got there around 7 p.m. on a Wednesday and the city was dead. Later I found out the city is always dead after 5.

This is a portion of a seal in the ground at the capitol building. Silly if you ask me.

Another seal. This one had all sorts of California stuff, like waves and 49ers and the like.

The capitol building.

Some sort of courthouse thingy.

More capitol.

Seriously, this is the best drink of all time. It's a Thai basil mojito sold at a place on Alberta Street called Thai Noon. I went there last year and it was the first place I went this year.

There are many vegan-friendly resturants in Portland, but the Vita Cafe is atop my list.

I was walking down Alberta after the mojito and dinner when I noticed a large amount of artists hanging out on the street. Then my friend said we lucked out and caught the last Thursday art walk. Long Beach, your art walk ain't got shit compared to this. There were people everywhere for about a mile. The street was not officially blocked off, but it could have been. People walking, bikes, dogs. It was crazy. Even the cops were looking at the goods for sale. This sort of thing could happen only in Portland.

In Long Beach, we feel special when there are neighborhoods full of cool old homes. In Portland, it's the norm.

I thought the Rose Garden was where the Trailblazers played. Turns out there's an actual rose garden with an amazing park attached to it. Who knew?

I was pretty freaked out when I found out we had to cross a bridge to get downtown. Something to do with the bus route being closed forced us to hoof it. Imagine my fear when a distorted voice came over the intercom to announce the bridge was opening up to let a sailboat pass. I kept my composure thanks to the knowledge that I wasn't high up enough to die. I said that to my friends and then realized you are never supposed to talk about suicide. So I had to qualify my statement by explaining how I was afraid of heights and just needed to calm myself down. They understood.

Seriously, you can say whatever you want about Portland. All I know is Voodoo Donuts makes vegan donuts. Any city cool enough to do that is alright by me. We chowed these down so quickly I had to go back and buy a dozen to take home. Those didn't last long either. I dare any non-vegan to eat these and tell me you can taste the difference. You can't.

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