Friday, May 9, 2008


Jackie Martling (aka Jackie Marlow, Jackie the Jokeman) is a stand-up comedian and host of a pretty funny radio program called Jackie's Joke Hunt (say that in front of your mom and see her reaction). The show airs Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (yeah, I said Pacific -- fuck you East Coast bias) on Sirius Satellite Radio station Howard 101.

Why Howard 101, you ask? Well ignoramus, that's because Jackie was the head writer on the Howard Stern Show for 15 years. He quit in 2001 and the Joke Hunt is his latest radio venture. Along with host Ian Karr, Jackie tells jokes, takes calls from people whose jokes usually aren't as funny as his and displays his trademark laugh every five seconds.

I am lucky enough to have to be in my car at 4 p.m. Tuesdays, which means I catch the Joke Hunt every week. If you have Sirius, put it on. If you don't, you're really missing out. Not just with Jackie, but the entire Sirius programming is really good. Except for the punk channel. They started out with lots of Black Flag and the Minutemen. Now it's Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and Sum 41 all goddamn day long.

Anyway, I sent Jackie some questions. Here are his answers.

JH: Where did the idea for the Joke Hunt come from?
JM: The name "Jackie's Joke Hunt" hit me over the head when I was driving a few weeks after I got the deal to do the show. I heard the c word in the name after I said it. I liked the title before I realized that was in there.

JH: Where did you find Ian and Snark?
JM: Ian Karr is a member of The Friars Club, and had previously been a New York City radio personality.

JH: What percentage of the jokes told are yours and how many are jokes
you've heard from someone else?
JM: Most of the jokes I tell are classic barroom jokes, but the comments and many of the shorter stuff I wrote or write. Not including the long form jokes, I write all the stuff for Jackie's Joke Hunt.

JH: Your blog has lots of pictures with you and attractive women.
What's your secret?
JM: I love women and they love me. I guess because I'm harmless.

JH: Did you get high with Willie Nelson in Austin?
JM: And I love Willie Nelson. I always enjoy his company no matter what we're doing.

JH: Since I live in Long Beach, any plans to perform in LA soon?
JM: Please have your friends call The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills and ask them to re-book me. I love it there.

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