Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Driving down Third Street. Just about to enter the 710. There's a beat up clunker Caddy with a For Sale By Owner sign in the back window. It used to be baby blue. Now it's covered in filth.

Asshole makes his way onto the onramp, but before he does, he throws a plastic bottle of drinking water out his window. I saw the whole thing. His (or her, but probably his. Most women aren't this stupid.) hand came out and he tossed it.

I wanted to track him down and kick him in the shins. For once, I wish I had a cell phone so I could call the cops. I mean, it's 2008andfucking8 people. Who does this sort of thing? Would it have killed this jerk to throw the bottle in the backseat or into the passenger side?

It's incredibly frustrating to be of sound mind these days. Those who get the big picture of why something like throwing a bottle out of a car and onto a freeway entrance are being held back by those who don't understand the stupidity of throwing a bottle out of a car and onto a freeway entrance. These morons don't understand that one of them holds more power than thousands of good people because all it takes is one jerk to fuck everything up. George Bush is proof of that.

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