Friday, May 2, 2008


Since when did this become a "racy" picture? Sure, she's 15 (or however old she is), but a bare back is not only not racy, it's really not even that attractive. Has the United States got so conservative and puritanical that a celebrity can't show her back without the media making a big deal out of it?

I won't lie, when I first heard about this supposed sexy photo, my ears (and other parts) perked up. Cyrus could turn out to be a pretty smoking hot girl if she can keep it together. I thought this picture might be the beginning of the end. Then I saw it. What a bummer. Imagine all the real racy things she could be doing in this picture. That should cause an uproar, not this. This ain't shit.

Granted, Miley Cyrus is messing with a lot of money by doing anything remotely controversial. I mean, she's making serious cash from Disney and you know as well as I do that Mickey and Minnie ain't looking to fuck that up. But there's no way Cyrus or anyone in her camp could have known that this was going to be considered obscene.
I don't know who or what Cyrus or Hannah Montana is, but I got her back (yes, pun intended!).

Wait til she's getting out of limos without panties, then get back to me.

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