Tuesday, January 29, 2008


ive been to this same internet cafe three times today. chip and taylor are sleeping and said they might not go out tonight. which leaves me wondering what ill do. i just took a much needed nap. we walked the city today. went to san marco square and into some famous church and palace. the architecture is breathtaking.

i am spending money at what i think is an ok rate. but theres one more week to go. there are two americans in the room above mine. i havent seen them, but they are loud and obnoxious. they are playing music very loud and speaking even louder. i heard one of them say they stole all the tp from the bathroom. well, wouldnt ya know it, it was from the bathroom next to my room. assholes. i can tell they are young, but they should have a bit more respect for the others in the hotel. shit, do i sound old or what? they make me understand why europeans stereotypically hate americans. hell, i hate these kids and im a fucking american too. for the most part, ive found the anti american thing to be 50/50. those who are cool with americans are way cool with americans. they speak english well, never bring up politics and are basically down to have a good time. these are mainly the young people. the older people are more standoffish. last night, when i was looking for my hotel, i asked a few people for help and they brushed me off. today a few shopowners didnt care for me, although my only crime was being an american. i am a young, single, straight white male. now i know what discrimination feels like. it sucks. i bought a small bottle of orange juice and a donut and chocolate muffin this morning, hoping the food would be of the italian variety. it wasnt. tasty, but nothing i couldnt have got at home. i got another slice of veggie pizza today. this time it was at the palace thingy. ill have to look up the name when i get home. that place was awesome. when they built it, i imagine the king telling the artists, ya know, i dig what you did in the previous room, but can you make this new room, i dont know, even more decadant? i mean, the art of the 40 feet ceiling alone is spectacular. we saw the old jail and the old courthouse. i asked taylor how many not guilty verdicts he thought were given in that room. he said not many and i agreed. this place had lots of weapons too. war has been around forever, but these old dudes fought eye to eye. swords that were 6 feet long with crazy body armor. i have no respect for anyone who kills, but these people were brave, ill give them that. the price here is 3 euro for 1 to 15 minutes. i am at minute 13, so its time to run.

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