Tuesday, January 29, 2008


new internet cafe in venice. still here and still loving it. there are small dogs that roam next to their owners all over this city. they are very well behaved. last night we were walking in the middle of nowhere when we came across a pizzeria. i got a beer and a large slice with no cheese, zucchini, corn, tomato and orgeno for 2 euro, which is 3 dollars. my legs hurt from walking so much, but it is well worth it. i could type for days about my experience walking back to my hotel alone at 2 am last night or how i was alone for an hour trying to make a phone call. we are now in an area where people dont speak english as fluently as they did in the neighborhood we were in a few days ago. but that is part of the fun. i just woke up and in front of my room is a guy selling fresh fish. not for me, but pretty damn interesting. you dont see that in long beach. got much needed rest last night, but my body has not adjusted to the time change and i suspect it wont. oh well. the bars never close, so theres always something to do. i have my own room, which is nice, but my window is across from the shower/bathroom. that means there are people walking past my room and turning on the light all the time. last night someone turned on the light at what i guess what 4 am and forgot to turn it off. thanks dude.

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