Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Holy shit is this Tom Cruise video good. Normally I don't give two shits about actors, but this is too much. Newsflash to Scientology -- If recruiting people is what you're looking to do, putting a fully whacked-out actor who speaks goobledygook isn't the way to do it. And what's with the cloud at the bottom of the screen? Too much. Cruise says he can't take a vacation. Well Tom, email me. I'll give you my pin number. Take out some cash and do it. Go for a long time. I suspect the rest of us will be fine in your abscence. And what's with that song? It's a pretty cool riff if ya ask me. The next band I'm in, we're covering that shit. "You're either in or you're out?" Heidi Klum called, she wants her catchphrase back. And who's David Miswhatshisname? Is Tom aware that unlike all the other idiotic religions out there, his is one that can be traced back just a few years? To a science fiction writer no less? In all areas of life, there are hierarchies. In literature, sci-fi writers are near the bottom, slightly above the creeps who write about wizards and sorcerors. I mean, if you're gonna be stupid enough to believe in a religion, at least be smart enough to pick one that happened so long ago it can't be proven false. At the end, the video says a Scientologist is defined by one question -- Would I like others to have the knowledge I have? Well, turns out I'm a freak too because I DO want others to have my knowledge. For starters, I know this guy's got more than one screw loose. I always know actors are fools with little to no creative talent. They're attention-starved nerds who got beat up in high school. Take those Sopranos guys, acting all hard everywhere they go. They're fucking actors, not in the mafia (By the way, the mafia doesn't exist, so how could they?) I can rant for days about actors and religion. Put them together and I'm in trouble. In Scientology's defense, I don't think what they believe is any kookier than what anyone else believes. Faith of any kind scares me. The fact that people are willing to turn their backs on finding the truth in favor of hoping there is some old guy in the sky watching over us...kill me now. Anyone who says humans are the smartest creatures on the planet are fucking dead wrong. My cats have never expressed any religious beliefs to me, none that I could comprehend anyway. That alone makes their species much more intelligent than mine. Yesterday we ran into a guy we know. He's in AA and says he's now spending his time reconnecting with the Lord. Good luck dude. You're better off reconnecting with a tallboy, but what do I know? If the Lord was so good, he wouldn't have put you in this horrid group home, now would he? Another thing, the word "he" should NEVER be capitalized when referring to Jesus or God. NEVER. That's giving creedence to something that doesn't, has never and never will exist. And can someone tell me the difference between Jesus and God? I swear, I don't know the answer. I've been told, but remembering fairytale nuasances isn't my forte, just like I don't remember what happens in The Cat in the Hat. For years I've tried to be a decent person around others who believe, but not anymore. Life is short and I don't have time for people who want to live their lives with their heads in the sand. Besides, these people don't have much decency when they discover non-believers. It's in the Christian doctrine (and apparently Scientology) to spread the word of Jesus. Whoever invented Christianity was a fucking genius by putting that info into the religion. Find a bunch of stupid people and tell them it's their duty to spread a belief system that you made up so you can get more popular. Shit, if I knew how to do that with this here blog, I'd be a billionaire. Marketing genius I tell ya. The problem with pushy people is THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS GOD, GET OVER IT. Live on planet Earth, in the year 2008, with the rest of society. Please. I lose a tiny bit of respect for someone when I find out they believe in a certain religion. We're trying to evolve as people and these morons aren't helping. Anyone with just a bit of a functioning brain can see religion is a made up way to keep people down. Some powertripper invented a bunch of bullshit back before humans had things like roofs over their heads and electricity. But we don't need it anymore (not that we ever did). Tom Cruise, go fuck yourself. Steven Baldwin, same to you. Ditto Mel Gibson. Mr. President, double to you. You're actually in charge of running the ENTIRE country, not simply the one Christian one. Ah, fuck it. I give up. I can't change anyone's mind. I'd need a religion to do that.

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