Friday, March 21, 2008


Just happened to be in my car driving down Cherry Avenue when I flipped on the Bubba the Love Sponge show on Sirius Satalite Radio. I love Bubba, so this isn't news. But Bubba started the show with some important info that still isn't being picked up by the national media.

Turns out that clip of Barack Obama's minister/pastor/father/preacher/whatever the fuck he's called was edited together to make both the speaker and the candidate look bad. Now, I'm not an Obama backer. In fact, I'm not backing anyone, so this isn't some sort of pro-Obama post.

But how can anything get done in the political realm when the media -- which I openly admit that I am begrudgingly a member of -- reports falsehoods and won't rec-count their statements when said statements are proved wrong. This reeks of a witchhunt. Or community college journalism.

Where did this begin, you ask? According to Bubba, it was Sean Hannity on Fox News. Wouldn't ya know it, as of 12:43 p.m. today there's no mention on the Fox site about how this man's soundbite was portrayed inaccurately. Turns out Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright was himself quoting another person -- an ambassador who worked in the Reagan administration. This man (whose name escapes me at the moment) was discussing all the times the United States has acted like terrorists. He began with stealing this country from natives and rattled off a list of other examples -- Hiroshima, Nagasaki, South Africa. Bubba played the entire clip. Wright begins by explaining the quote and how this statement was said by a white man, not a black fundamentalist.

But the media left that part out. So maybe this Wright guy's NOT as crazy as we thought he was. Maybe Obama's 20-year affiliation with this guy isn't a make or break deal for the candidate. But the damage is done. Until all these talk shows, newspapers, bloggers and Youtube posters give as much coverage to this massive mistake as they did to what Wright supposedly said, Obama won't completely recover.

Like Bubba (when I say Bubba, I mean the entire show) said, this clip has to have come from the Clinton camp. At this stage in the race, the Republicans/McCain camp doesn't need to release misleading info like this. Like the Dude said, look for who benefits from all this and you'll find the culprit. It's Clinton. Oh Hillary, why can't you be Bill?

Who am I going to vote for? Like always, no one. But let's at least try to report the facts as they are, not as we wish them to be.

Check this video out to see for yourself.

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