Thursday, March 27, 2008


Lots of random things...

At work. Bored. The only thing worse than having too much to do is not having enough to do.

Sang karaoke for the first time in a while last night. Then woke up with a tiny hangover.

Part III of the Rob Woodard interview will be posted tomorrow or late tonight.

I'm feeling this change of weather. Time to dust off the BBQ and croquet.

Went to the Beer and Politics meeting at Gallagher's Tuesday night. But I got there late and missed the whole event. I stuck around for the post-party, which I guarantee was more fun. Nothing better than disgruntled journalists (and PTers to boot!) getting drunk and complaining. Ran into a few friends. Not sure why they were there, but they were. When I asked what the meeting was about, someone told me it had to do with the way the Press-Telegram is going downhill. Well duh. In the newspaper game, we call that old news. Isn't Long Beach tired of this already? The PT sucks. Get over it. It's a shame what asshole Singleton has done to it, but the damage is beyond repair.

Lakers lost to the Bobcats? What? When's Pau and Andrew "gettin' all the fuckin' rebounds" Bynum returning? Not soon enough.

I'm broke, but thinking about hitting Gallaghers tonight for karaoke. It's run by a short Philipino man who's got a surprisingly good selection of Snoop and Dre. The same can not be said about the Wednesday jock at the Prospector. He didn't even have songs listed by artists' names. Song titles only? What the fuck kinda karaoke is that? He must be new. But that didn't stop me from ripping up the joint with Young MC's Bust a Move. It's my new karaoke standard.

I'll add more as I go. I gotta pretend to be doing something. Or maybe I don't. One thing's for sure, there's only so much Free Cell and Solitaire a guy can play before he starts getting a bit stir crazy. Maybe I should download AIM and bother my friends. Nah. That takes too much work.

Oh, I almost forgot. Italy Fuck Beach. Fuck Italy Beach. Beach Fuck Italy. Fucking in Italy. Fucking on the Beach Italy. Beach fucking in Italy. That should boost the ol' hit counter through the roof!

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