Friday, March 28, 2008


Yo, peep this video of Snoop Dogg freestyling on BET.

Freestyling is a touchy thing. Some emcees suck. Some don't. But most do. I never believe rappers are totally making this stuff up off the top of their head, but this seems legit to me. What's crazy is, after all these years and nasty amounts of money, Snoop still has it.

I've always been a fan of Snoop's. I even try to catch that Father Hood show of his on E. And you know I bump Doggystyle weekly fifteen years after it came out. I'm pretty sure it's the best hip hop record ever. People can say whatever they want about Snoop -- he's famous, he's Hollywood, he's this, he's that. But what they can't say anything about is Doggystyle. Damn, I might go put that on right now. Whenever I'm in the shower getting ready to go out and do some damage all over town, I always put in Doggystyle. It's my soundtrack to partying.

Of all the people I've interviewed, Snoop has eluded me. Before I die, we'll get high together. Mark my word.

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