Sunday, March 30, 2008


I spent part of the early evening in my new garden. It's in my backyard. I shoveled a bunch of dirt. Sounds dull, but it was pretty awesome. Being outside in the great weather is a welcome relief. I'm ready for summer.

Walked down Broadway to a party. I bought a 34-ounce Miller High Life and later had a Pabst Blue Ribbon. In between drinks, a friend and I smoked a bowl in a corner of the apartment.

Saw a killer band called Ninja Academy. They rule. They play fuzzy bass and killer drums. Like the Minutemen if the Minutemen were into Spazz.

Got a ride back to someone's apartment near First and Cherry. Some girl went home and so did I. Filled a bowl and smoked it on whatever street I was on. Good buzz going, I walked down Broadway in no time.

Got home and went pee. Then a walk down Broadway to Temple and down to the water. I hung alone atop Bluff Park for about twenty minutes. The real people are out at 12:30a.m. We're all going somewhere, but where, none of us know. We should stop and talk, but the late night news have us convinced that everyone outside at this hour is crazy. Nevermind WE'RE outside at this time...

Really though, I love late night solo walks down to the water. It's there, might as well use it. There werew a few couples embracing. I was the only guy by himself. That's cool. I like being alone. Good time to think, refresh and replenish.

Wind was blowing like a mucka, but I through my hand over the flame and smoked a bit more. I've been kinda slow in the smoke lately. But tonight I said fuck it.

I'm sure there are better highs than the kind that take place in public, but I'm not sure I know what those are. Blazing a lil chronic out in the open is a big middle finger salute to the ways things are "supposed" to be. If I can't smoke a little weed at the beach, then we're all doomed.

Seriously, it feels good walking down the street smoking pot. Very freeing, relaxing. I used to follow the rule that if a person can smoke indoors, they should. Not any more. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em and wherever ya got 'em.

I was trying to get the attention of a cat that lives on the bluff. Loads of cats live there, but one was eye-balling me from ten feet away. I moved slowly, but it dispappeared into the dark night. Next time.

The rain started as a drizzle, but became a full on water assault after twenty minutes. It was time to go home when my glasses got foggy from the rain.

Good night Long Beach. Once again we've danced our dance, sang our song, met our match and lived to tell about it.

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