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I guess I never really thought of it until about five minutes ago, but Todd Congelliere's been a pretty big influence on me. As a kid, I went to Seaside Elementary School in Torrance and would go to the adjacent Sea Aire Golf Course to watch him skate the ramp in his backyard. I got into punk in high school and discovered his band F.Y.P, who were the only (at that time) contemporary punk band I really liked. I mean, me and my friends fucking worshiped these dudes. We saw them all over and there'd be reports on Monday mornings of F.Y.P sightings around town. The best one was when my friend was working at a movie theater at the Del Amo Mall and said Todd brought a smoking hot girl with him. We thought that was pretty rad of him. Then he was dating a girl who, I swear, looked exactly like my 5-year-old brother. You'da thunk she gave birth to this kid, not my mom. I got to know Todd a little bit as we became more and more involved in the South Bay punk scene, if there was such a thing, and he was always cool to us, even though I'm not sure I would have been cool to our annoying fanboys asses. Unlike most people, I loved the later poppier F.Y.P just as much as the early thrash stuff. Which makes sense cuz his two latest bands, Toys that Kill and the Underground Railroad to Candyland, are in some ways a continuation of where F.Y.P was headed and I dig both too. My point? Not sure. I think what rubbed off on me was Todd's attitude and approach to what he did and still does. From a technical standpoint, no one would ever call F.Y.P a great live band, but their energy and spirit always took precedence over proficiency (PS Perhaps the biggest difference between F.Y.P and Toys that Kill/the Underground Railroad to Candyland is his two current bands play really well). Whatever band he's in, Todd looks like he's having a blast and that's way more important than anything else. He's issued more than 100 releases on Recess Records and has always indulged my nagging requests for interviews. In no way am I getting rich off this writing thing, but it's what I have to do. Maybe I got some of that from Todd. If a book is ever written about him, I can't imagine a better person than me to write it. I guess what I'm trying to say is I could go on for days, so I'll stop and get to what I hope is the first of many interviews (with other people, not just Todd) on this here blog. Enjoy!

Here's a list of stuff you should hear if you've never heard any of Todd's band. But I'm a bit biased. I think you could pick up anything of his and not be bummed about blowing money on more music.

Recommended Todd C. listening:
Made in USA 7 inch
Dance My Dunce
My Man Grumpy
5 Year Plan

Toys that Kill
Citizen Abortion

The Underground Railroad to Candyland
Bird Roughs

More stuff to know before reading this. Consider this my half-ass attempt at footnotes.
Jed is former F.Y.P bassist Jed Schipper. Not much else to say about that.
"Take it Like a Jed" is a reference to an F.Y.P song of the same name.
Jack Doyle plays bass in URTC.
Before he was a musician, Todd was a pro skater.
Boris (RIP) was Todd's cat.
Todd lives in San Pedro (Pedro to locals).
Post-Punks was the name of his basketball team that played at Lomita Park. I played on my brothers' team once and they played after us. Weird.
Todd played drums in the Fondled, a good band everyone should check out.

1. According to Wikipedia, anyone who meets a Recess band in a McDonald's bathroom gets into shows for free. True or not?
well i guess thats true. we rarely go into McDonald's and if we do we avoid the bathroom just so we dont hafta get in anyone free.

2. Where's Jed?
he is prolly outside my door on his cell phone.

3. How does one go about "taking it like a Jed?"
its more of a hereditary thing. i dont think you can aquire "taking it like a jed". I'm pretty sure you hafta be born Jed. Jack Doyle comes close though to earning the bronze though

4. How often do you skate? What are you riding right now?
I dont skate much. i want to but i have soooo many excuses its starting to irritate even me! i skate when i feel like it.

5. What's the plan for the solo songs on your myspace page?
No plan at all. Just messin around and making music. like usual i guess. my friend was talking about puttin out a 7" of it but its just talk at this point.

6. How has your life changed in Boris' absence? Any plans on getting a new cat?
I got a new cat actually! thanx for the advice, you were right. 2008 AB (After Boris) has been a trying time but i think he left so i could get "Meower" from the SP Animal Shelter. He farts alot though.

7. Judging by the pics on your myspace page, you -- like me -- were a fat kid. How does this affect you now? For me, I never believe people when they tell me I'm skinny. Deep question, I know.
) yea fat kids will never be skinny. its a sad truth of life. Attn Moms! you let your kids eat alotta twinkies you are turning their emotions into twinkies. Forget confidence! thats long gone. i'm glad though. dont wanna be a firmed handshake-go-getter.

8. If I offered you $100, would you play the Made in USA 7 inch at my birthday party?
Yes but you forgot a zero

9. What do you have against the above-ground railroad to candyland?
Oh well thats a trick question cos it doesnt go to Candyland! It goes to Monopoly...where all the skinny punks are.

10. Do you see Mike Watt in Pedro? If so, is he always wearing flannel?
Yes and Yes

11. You've been in some bands, but who cares about that. Tell the world about your basketball team, the Post-Punks.
Post-Punks didnt pass. Post-Punks didnt practice. Post-Punks didnt win. At least WE had a perfect season!

12. What's the story behind the FYP Toys that Kill Record and the FYP 5 Year Plan record?
One of em cost $15,000 to record the other cost $30 to record.

13. Is 13 really an unlucky number?

14. How awesome is Japan?
Japan is the Disneyland for adults. or at least me! Nice people awesome shit. You dont really need much else. I think that is their national anthem.

15. Does the Kanker Sores 7 inch go for more money now that Aaron's a goth celebrity?
I think thats a loaded question.

16. If I offered each member $100, would the Fondled play my birthday party?
Yes. if the others say no i will do drum solos for my $100.

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