Friday, February 1, 2008

PRONTO... how Italians answer the phone. Basically, it means, "I'm ready. Start talking." I think it's my new motto. Cut the bullshit. Get to it.

Drank Absynthe for the first time last night. Man, could I feel that. I heard it was unlike any other buzz and that is the truth. By 3:30 a.m., my stomach felt like I drank a case of beer, ate Thanksgiving dinner and did one thousand sit-ups. Right after I drank it, I got something similar to heartburn, but not quite the same vibe. I was burping a lot and then I thought I was having a heartattack because my chest began to cave in. For the hours in between those two feelings, I was a light-headed, loose-legged dancing machine...

Yesterday we went to the Dachau concentration camp. My first thought was how fucking cold it was. Then the reality sank in. A whirlwind of emotions kicked in my mind, but my lasting impression was how the country I live in (notice I didn't say my country)is royaling fucking things up worldwide. For all of Dachau's misery, the pictures and scenes from a mini-documentary about U.S. troops freeing the prisoners gave me an overwhelming sense of pride, a feeling I've never had for my country, partially because until last week I had never left it. The American troops -- along with many others I assume -- saved a lot of lives in Dachau and that sentiment was written across every prisoner's face. One pic in particular was taken from above. The prisoners -- bones showing through their faded striped clothes -- were waving their hats and smiling in a way I'd never seen before. I got goosebumps thinking about that moment when those people knew things were getting better. But Iraq and terrorism was never far from my mind. Here in Dachau was a perfect example of what the United States military should be about, but in 2008, it is the exact opposite. We are not liberating anyone. Period. If you're the type who thinks Bush is the second coming of God, Kennedy, Lincoln, Washington and Elvis rolled into one, go to a concentration camp and see what liberation really is. Those troops I support 100 percent because, based on what little knowledge I gained from my 12 years in the shitty public school system, they were fighting the good fight. It's unfortunate that the same can't be said about our current troops. Unless you're talking the liberation of oil and money into fat bastards' pockets.

As far as Dachau itself, it's a massive plot of land that could never accurately show the suffering thousands of people endured. Most of the original buildings are gone and in its place are a few replicas and a few religious memorials. I didn't care much for those as I don't see how three churches are going to somehow rectify the damage inflicted on those grounds. To me it stunk like more religious infiltration of an event that tugs at everyone's heart, even a hedonistic agnostic such as myself. I don't need to see a cross or star of David to remind me of what went down at that site. The gas chambers were, well, I pride myself of being a decent wordsmith, but what does anyone say about that? It was fucked up beyond belief.

Now for happier news...Last night was Fat Thursday in Garmisch. I almost stayed home as I wanted to get some writing done and I was feeling like a cold was taking over my body. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that the only thing I ate or drank until 5 p.m. was bubbling water and cold stale fries from Burger King. But I showered and said fuck it. I'm in Germany. I can stay home at home. We dressed in our one-piece ski suits (it's similar to Halloween -- everyone dresses up)and took a cab to this amazing German concert hall where a band played a slew of American covers like Blue Suede Shoes, Proud Mary, Brown Eyed Girl, etc. The joint was empty when we got there, but filled up within 30 minutes. The crazy thing was, although the venue was very German, it felt like I was at a college bar due to the mass amounts of 20-something American kids who live in town. Thanks to the aforementioned Abysnthe, I was feeling good and danced with everyone in sight. Lots of good costumes. There were four dudes dressed as cigarettes with smoke coming from the top of their heads and a group of storks with a baby doll that they handed me to dance with. I obliged. But the best was the two girls dressed as flight attendants. They had a fully legit cart stocked with a tray made of fishsticks, corn and fruit, TONS of booze (beer and the hard shit), napkins and a handful of small potato chip bags. I told them it was the best costume accessory I'd ever seen and I meant it. The told me they walked to the joint and made 60 Euro selling drinks on the way there. I hope Chip got a pic. If so, I'll post it cuz their committment to their costume was like nothing I'd ever seen.

Finally doing laundry right now. Time to change my wash to dry.

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