Sunday, February 24, 2008


Those three words are how someone from Puerto Rico found my lil ol blog. Ya see, that number at the top of the screen can tell me where people are coming from and how they found me. Don't worry, one thing it can't do is tell me your name. I suppose if I was an Internet genius and bothered to track people down using ISP numbers, I could, but I don't care that much. Yesterday I was looking to see how well my keywords work (not very well, thanks for asking) and I came upon one that showed me a Google search for the words Italy Fuck Beach (By the way, I'm number four on Google if you type that in). Separately, I know my blog contains those words. But combined, I have no clue what the pairing of Italy Fuck Beach means. So I searched. And came up with nothing. I thought maybe there's a beach in Italy where cheap hookers own the sand and people bone out in the open, but according to Google, that's not it. So what the hell is an Italy Fuck Beach? And why is someone searching for that?

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