Friday, February 8, 2008


I am a human holding cell
capturing many men
Within my walls
there is
a lover, a dreamer
a cheater, a liar
a reader, a writer
a sleeper, a partier
a happy man, a sad man
a man who knows what he wants
a man who doesn't know how to get it
a comedian, a shrink
a hippie, a prude
a drunk, a stoner
a boyfriend, a flirt
a fashionista, a slob
a man of the present
a man of the past
a fat man, a skinny man
a tired man, a coffee fiend
a handsome man, an ugly man
They take turns
letting one lead
while the others follow
There are fights
but never any deaths
for each man
is as strong as his cellmates
and as alive as ever

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