Thursday, April 3, 2008


Before bed I was watching some documentary about two drugs addicts. One was shooting meth and the other snorting pills, smoking weed and drinking 40s. The latter seemed like a party, while the former was a little baby. But both were annoying. Anyway, I think this doc inspired a crazy dream.

I felt like I had just fallen asleep. Soon I was around a guy injecting heroin into his veins. Like a curious cat, I decided to do the same. I felt the needle go into my arm, even though I was sleeping. A minute later I was super fucked up. In my dream, I was having trouble standing and leaned against a doorway to keep myself from falling. In reality, I felt my body go numb. Then, in the dream, my body crashed to the ground and it sent a pain running through my body, all while I was dead asleep.

I wish I remembered more, but I don't. It felt very real and I recall (in the dream) thinking about how dumb I was to inject heroin into me. That's about as close as I'm ever getting to the real deal. So thanks druggie doc, you gave me a bad dream.

Then I had another weird dream later. I heard a man's voice yelling "Hello." He said it three times and it got louder each time he said it. By the third one, the volume was too much and I woke up to find it wasn't a dream at all. It was my landlord standing in my kitchen at 9 a.m. I'm sure he knocked, but I'm out cold at that time so there's no way I could hear it. Obviously dishevled, I looked like a wreck. He apologized for waking me up and said, "Wow. You really do sleep all day, don't you." I wanted to say, "Only when I'm not woken up," but instead replied with, "Yeah, I keep late hours."

Italy Fuck Beach -- I'm still getting hits daily about this saying. PLEASE, one of you Googling this, tell me what this means. I beg of you.

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