Monday, April 7, 2008


Just checked out and read the sad news that famed Long Beach bookstore Acres of Books could be closing as soon as October or as late as a year. This is one more sign that the people in charge of this city suck. They don't care about maintaining anything already in place. They see areas they define as blighted and an opportunity to make a buck by knocking down buildings. Here's an idea -- why not work with what's already there and fix those structures? Anyone who's been in Acres of Books lately knows the building itself is one earthquake away from crumbling, but does that mean every old building in town should meet a similar fate? I hope Acres of Books relocates because it's an institution that has become synonymous with Long Beach. There are some really great people working there who not only know their books, but also care about local writers. I feel like going off on the city, but that would only detract from my main objective, which is to praise Acres of Books. Let's hope they stick around another year and find a better spot for their new location. I'd suggest moving out of Long Beach, but that wouldn't do anyone any good.

Click the link to read for yourself.

Wait, I got a last minute idea...What if enough residents got together and decided to redevelop the redevelopment agency? First order of business: Demolish everyone who works there. Second order of business: There is no second order of business. Hooray for everyone!

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